★A specialized manufacture of motors and electronic-controlled equipment★
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We are striving to meet with any orders from small quantity to hundreds of thousands by flexible production system, and to satisfy customers' requirements of downsizing and light-weighting, low costing, energy saving, etc.

Furthermore, we are reconstructing quality control system by obtaining ISO certificates.

In 2000, we took over the motor business from DENSEI-LAMBDA CO.,LTD. (old NIHON DENKI SEIKI CO., LTD.) and are working on further business development.


More than 70 years since TOKUSHU DENSO CO., LTD. was founded in 1930 as a specialized manufacturer of small-sized precision motors, our products have been widely used in various industries such as automobile, business machine, industrial machine, boat, medical appliance, health and welfare equipment, leisure equipment, etc. and we have enjoyed good reputation and credibility from every field of domestic and overseas market because of the high quality and excellent performance.

As recent development of semiconductor technology is so remarkable, we are also working hard at designing and manufacturing of every electronics-control equipment and software development positively in reaction to demand of the times.

In the industrial world, step-up efforts to make products highly efficient, downsizing and light-weighting as well as cost-cutting and energy reduction, are being strictly demanded.

To deal with such requirements, we are strengthening technology-developments, advancing quality-control and streamlining manufacturing-technology by flexible-production-system(FPS).  With "SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS", "TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP - TOKUDEN" as our motto, TOKUDEN management and all the staff wish to take a part of social roles with continous efforts and to contribute to the improvement of the world economy.

                                 Masao TSUYA, President


・Company Name :  TOKUSHU DENSO CO., LTD.
・Head Office   :  1-28-16, Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
・Tel. :  03−3567−5466
・FAX :  03−3564−5040
・Main Products :  DC Motors, Geared Motors, Motors with brakes, Controllers                        and various application equipment
・Captal   :  45 Million Yen
・Employees:  210 people

・Features  : Our flexible production system makes it possible to cover
          wide range of performance such as output from several
          watts to 1kW and to produce from one piece to mass
          production of more than ten thousand.

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