ŸWORLD ECONOMOVE@‚c‚b‚Q‚S‚u Brushless Motor@@‚r‚P‚R‚R‚X‚X|‚Q‚T‚O‚q
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@Efficiency Upgraded Version

ŸWORLD ECONOMOVE@‚c‚b‚Q‚S‚u Brushless Motor@@‚r‚P‚R‚T‚U‚O|‚Q‚U‚O‚q
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @High Power Version

ŸECODEN@@@@ @@@@@‚c‚b‚P‚Q‚u Brushless Motor@@‚r‚P‚R‚S‚U‚X|‚P‚Q‚OR

ŸWORLD ECONOMOVE@‚c‚b‚Q‚S‚u Brushless Motor@@S‚P‚R‚V‚S‚S|‚Q‚V‚OR
Amorphous, High Power
@@@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@Efficiency Upgraded Version

šHere are the line-up of the new seriesš

Motor for Solar Boat


Motor for World Economove

Motor for Solar Bicycle

Enquiring Catalogue

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Many teams applied TOKUDEN high quality motors to their machines have had excellent results in National Championship on Solar Bicycle, World Economovoe, Solar Boat Race, etc.
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‚s‚n‚j‚t‚r‚g‚t ‚c‚d‚m‚r‚n ‚b‚n., ‚k‚s‚c.
šA specialized manufacture of motors and electronic-controlled equipmentš
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